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Philippines Travel Guide

Philippines Travel Guide seeks to share the vibe of an authentic experience through our idea of adventure travel for explorers and memory seekers in the Philippines.

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El Nido Motorbike Adventure and Puerto Princesa Island Hopping Tour

We spent 51 days on a planned and organized Philippines Travel tour adventure in 2017. We created the Philippines Travel Guide website to give travelers authentic insights about this archipelagic country in Southeast Asia, comprising almost 7,600 islands divided into three major island groups — Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Touring around El Nido Palawan by motorbike for 2 days (Days 24-25) was such a fun-filled experience. There are many activities to do on the island. From enjoying the sight of the sunset by the beachside, to island hopping, snorkeling, freediving, and nature tripping, we have tried almost all of them.

Travel Diary for Day 26-27:

Today (Day 26-27) is the resumption of our Philippine adventure in Palawan, where we went on a motorbike adventure in El Nido and an island hopping tourin the beautiful and scenic Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa. We could not miss the fun and excitement in this astonishing island, known for its wonderful landscapes, rich marine life, and white sand beaches.

Day 26: How do we Explore El Nido by Motorbike?

18 March:

We planned to ride our rented motorbikes to a sunrise spot on the eastern side of the El Nido, specifically at the far northernmost part of Palawan in Sibaltan. But it turned out to be farther than we expected, so we just decided to stay in bed to relax for a few more hours. After a long sleep, we went to Marimegmeg Beach, situated in a secluded bay at the south of El Nido Palawan, and took some final shots of the island and its surroundings. Marimegmeg is also known as Las Cabanas, because these two beaches sit on the same stretch of sand.

At 10.30 a.m, we returned our rented motorbikes to the rental shop. We agreed to have it returned by 10 a.m., But with a little smart bargaining with the motorbike owner, it was no big deal – Filipinos are innately considerate people.

NOTE : Corong Corong Beach in El Nido, Palawan is one of the closest and nicest places for watching the sunset on the island. It can easily be reached by tricycle (a 3-wheeled light vehicle) from the town proper.

How do we get from El Nido to Puerto Princesa by Public Minivan?

After returning the motorbikes, we checked out from Ricgem Place, our accommodation on the island. We had one last chat with the owner, Rick, before we left. The resort is more of an inn and is highly recommended for a comfortable stay in El Nido. It even offers island-hopping tours using the resort-owned boats.

We took a public shared minivan from El Nido to Puerto Princesa, in the province of Palawan MiMaRoPa Region. It took us around 5 hours to travel the approximately 260-kilometer distance. When riding a shared minivan in the Philippines, it is important to understand that a van ride can transport 12 to 18 people including the driver, depending on the vehicle model.

It was night time when we arrived in the city of Puerto Princesa. We had dinner at La Pergola, Rizal Avenue Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Known by only a few people, this is one hidden gem. The European and Thai food offered in this restaurant was indulging, especially the Cordon Bleu which really tasted fantastic.

We also got a chance to try the best Filipino foods in the Philippines. Visit our detailed post about the diverse taste of Filipino cuisines.

NOTE : When traveling from Puerto Princesa to El Nido and vice versa, riding a public bus is a better option. Although the travel time takes longer than a shared minivan, it offers bigger legroom space and more comfortable seats during the entire trip.

Google My Maps El Nido & Puerto Princesa Travel Adventures: Day 26-27

If planning a trip to El Nido and Puerto Princesa, check out the Google My Maps below to experience activities and adventures, and get to know different routes and directions, accommodations to stay, attractions to visit, and restaurants to dine in. Visit the El Nido and Puerto Princesa travel Google My Map to learn more about our Philippines Travel routes and adventures.

Day 27: How do we Explore Island Hopping in Honda Bay?

19 March:

Today (Day 27), we got ready for a fully-shared island hopping tour to Honda Bay, situated around 28 kilometers north of Puerto Princesa city proper. Along with us on this tour was the local tour agency we booked for. Such a tour package includes a free banca ride and meals.

From Sta. Lourdes Wharf , the jump-off point to Honda Bay, we reached our first destination– Starfish Island. Although it does not have much to offer, it is a charming island off the Puerto Princesa’s Honda Bay. You can snorkel around its clean and cool waters and get a sight of the starfishes and other beautiful marine creatures on it.

From there, we traveled to Luli Island, one of the many islands in Honda Bay, which lies on Puerto Princesa’s eastern shore. Its name is derived from the Filipino term “lulubog-lilitaw,” which means “to submerge and emerge,” since this tiny island appears and submerges depending on the tide. You will definitely enjoy wandering on any of its three sandbars, while capturing postcard-perfect pictures of the island.

After a more or less 5-minute boat ride, we reached our final destination – Cowrie Island located within Honda Bay Puerto Princesa, Palawan. We had a good and plentiful buffet lunch on the island. Although the island does not have beautiful reefs to snorkel, the line of palm trees was amazing. On top of that, it offers many exciting activities such as getting a relaxing massage and jet skiing. All these make Cowrie Island a pleasant adventure destination to visit.

It was a perfect day because the weather was great. Until we noticed that Zak’s phone was lost after I (Dani) returned from my snorkeling excursion. We searched everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. So we asked the tour guides to contact the staff in the previous islands we visited to look for it. We had no choice, but to go back to the inn and plan for our next move.

With the help from a local friend, Zak reported the lost phone to the Police Station because it could probably be stolen. It took a while, and eventually they (Zak and his Filipino friend) were escorted with sirens and flashing lights back to Sta. Lourdes Wharf, where our island hopping trip started. Later that day, Zak told me (Dani) that the policemen took it very seriously and tried everything possible to retrieve his phone –which we appreciated a lot.

Unfortunately, the phone could not be found. The whole story was rather hard for us to understand, as we couldn’t explain how it disappeared. We were frustrated to know that we had probably been robbed.

Unexpected incidents can happen during a trip. For a fun-filled and memorable vacation, take a loo at these top travel safety tips when traveling to the Philippines.

NOTE : Make sure to secure your personal belongings with you and store them in one safe place.

What are the Top Things to do in Puerto Princesa, Palawan?

Although Puerto Princesa, the capital city of Palawan MiMaRoPa Region, is highly urbanized, it brings together the relaxing beach ambience and a metropolitan-feel convenience. If you are a first-time visitor, here are the five must-do experiences in Puerto Princesa that you will surely find remarkable.

Puerto Princesa is the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (also known as the Underground River) is a protected area that sits in the Saint Paul Mountain Range. Such a gem is located on the island's western coast, approximately 80 kilometers north of the Puerto Princesa city proper.

To reach it, you must take a 15-minute boat ride from the jump-off point in Sabang, a beach line adjacent to the mouth of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Park. Here you can see boats taking tourists through the underground river.

It is even more incredible to know that tours are now standardized to accommodate the mass tourism in the area. There is a stricter queue system in place, where all guests are given audio devices in various languages that explains the park's history, and the numerous rock formations around.

Do you know that it is impossible to visit the underground river by yourself? Yes, you heard it right. The government holds a strict registration process at the jump-off point in Sabang, Puerto Princesa. This means that you will need a local and government-regulated tour provider to be permitted to go inside the underground river.

Apart from the incredible islands, you can enjoy swimming and surfing at the beaches around Puerto Princesa Palawan. Also, you can go on day trips and picnics in Nagtabon Beach, situated in the west coast of Palawan Island, and Talaudyong Beach in the city of Calapan, Puerto Princesa (MiMaRoPa Region).

Nagtabon is an uncrowded beach that is just a 20-minute ride from Puerto Princesa City by boat. However, be extra careful as there were some reported incidents resulting from unexpectedly strong current on the ocean.

If you love diving and snorkeling, you should not miss going to popular dive locations around Palawan island. Get your snorkeling equipment ready and make the most of the riff. Don’t have equipment? Not a problem. You can rent snorkeling equipment from trusted local equipment rentals before going on an island hopping tour to this island.

Nagtabon Beach is a popular surfing destination that is famous among local and foreign tourists. If you love catching the waves, waste no time. Feel free to contact us.

Want to check out Puerto Princesa's premier off-playground roaders? Hop on ATVs, quad bikes, and dune buggies at MAX Palawan. It is an adventure destination in Barangay Bacungan, Puerto Princesa Palawan, which is around 45 minutes away from the Puerto Princesa City proper.

If you want to seek adventure without traveling far from the city, the Palawan International Circuit in Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa is best suited for you. It offers exciting kart rentals and kart racing. Choose your bet from Scooter and Underbone Racing or dirt cross.

Kamia Bay Resort, home to Asia's newest and largest inflatable playground, is a relatively new attraction in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It is located around 45 minutes from the city. The aqua-adventure inflatable playground features an inflatable slide that is 12 meters high, a human rocket, a giant trampoline, and a number of floating obstacle courses that will surely amuse you.

To top up the premium water sports offerings of the resort (like kayaking and jet ski trips), eco-tours, a buffet lunch, and organic cuisines are offered.

What are the Top Things to do in Pangasinan?

Wondering about the things and adventures to try in Pangasinan?  Located halfway between Manila and Ilocos in the northern province of Luzon, the province is an underrated destination in the country. Although it serves as a jump off point for passengers coming to Baguio or other regions up north, it appears to be out of most people’s vacation considerations.

Nevertheless, you’d never regret stopping over Pangasinan after a mountain adventure in the Cordilleras. Loosen up on the beachside. Or, go island hopping in the Hundred Islands if you are into adventure.

Manaoag is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in Ilocos Region. Christ the Savior, on the other hand, is located at the Pilgrimage Island at the Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos. Take a look at the top things to do in Pangasinan.

Pacific Salt Farms is the Philippines' largest salt producer located in Bolinao, Pangasinan (Ilocos Region). By touring around this approximately 500-hectare salt farm, you’ll learn how salt is harvested and produced. Are you ready to ride a historic train across the property?
Here’s another kicker! Don't miss a visit to the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag situated at the town's hill top. Also known as Shrine of Manaoag, it is renowned for its miracles which are depicted on its murals.

In February 2015, it was designated as a minor basilica, the highest honor awarded to a church outside the Vatican. This means that those who visit the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag gain the same spiritual advantage as those who go to the Vatican church buildings.

Being the only Christian nation in Asia, the majority of Filipinos in the Philippines practice Catholicism. Find out more about the religion in the Philippines and its interesting history and background.

At this point, you might be looking for a place to relax and unwind. Seek no more. Take a soothing dip at Bolinao Falls and enjoy the stunning off-white sand and crystal blue water of Patar White Beach in Barangay Patar in the town of Bolinao. Gracefully seated at the northernmost tip of western Pangasinan, (Ilocos Region) Bolinao is a hidden treasure.

Get to know more about the most beautiful waterfalls and the top beaches in the Philippines.

Lingayen, the capital of Pangasinan, is a World War II historical site. It is where the Americans landed as they helped liberate Luzon from the Japanese colonizers in 1942. The atmosphere of Lingayen’s downtown area shows a unique American influence, with wide roads and iconic buildings.

Visiting the flatlands in Pangasinan from Manila is approximately a 4-hour ride by private or public transportation, depending on the traffic and weather conditions.

And the best part? It’s food! The Philippines is home to many delicious and tasty desserts that you can eat at any time of the day. The town of Calasiao, Pangasinan boasts its toothsome Puto (a steamed rice cake, made from slightly fermented rice dough). The Filipino rice cake Calasiao puto has become so popular that even people who have never heard of the town know what it is, and believe that they’ve got the best-tasting puto in the country.

Don’t miss to try the most popular local desserts in the Philippines.

Google My Maps Philippines Travel Diary: Day 1 to Day 51

Check out the Google Maps below, to have an overview of the entire 51 days of Philippines travel adventure including exciting attractions and activities we did, destinations we explored, and travel directions in the Philippines.

Why do we Create the Philippines Travel Guide?

Zak and Dani created the Philippines Travel Guide while on 51 days Philippines travel adventure in 2017. Focused on the idea to explore travel routes and documenting location information by using the Google Maps application in the Philippines.

We created a detailed Philippines travel diary each day about our Philippines eco-adventure traveling experiences, including the production of pictures and videos of our trip through the Philippine archipelago.

Philippines Travel Guide is passionate about helping other self-minded adventure travel lovers, to make the best out of the trip to the Philippines by providing real information that passionate travelers and enthusiasts need to know about the archipelago.

Philippines Travel Guide is an ongoing process to work out public shared and detailed Google MyMaps of the entire Philippines to provide easy navigation for travelers.

This website also contains a collection of interesting authentic insights and travel tips and tricks and destinations in the Philippines.

SUMMARY: El Nido & Puerto Princesa Adventure

Our El Nido motorbike and Puerto Princesa island hopping tour may be short, but we definitely had a good time during the past few days. We also appreciated all the people that were with us, especially those generous Filipino locals who helped us with everything we needed.

Exploring the beautiful surroundings of El Nido by motorbike, and stopping over in different islands by an arranged Honda Bay island-hopping adventure in Puerto Princesa are must-try. If you are eyeing for a balanced experience in both land and sea while in Palawan island, you know what to do.

We ended our 2-day (Day 26-27) El Nido and Puerto Princesa trip and were excited to head on to our next destination. For the next 2 days (Days 28-29), we will go up north of the main island of Luzon and begin our Cordillera Mountains adventure.


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