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Philippines Travel Guide

Philippines Travel Guide seeks to share the vibe of an authentic experience through our idea of adventure travel for explorers and memory seekers in the Philippines.

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Baguio City Adventure Tours

We spent 51 days on a planned and organized Philippines Travel tour adventure in 2017. We created the Philippines Travel Guide website to give travelers authentic insights about this archipelagic country in Southeast Asia, comprising almost 7,600 islands divided into three major island groups — Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Before heading to Cordillera Administrative Region for another jam-packed adventure and activities, our 2-day (Day 26-27) excursion in El Nido and Puerto Princesa gave us a glimpse of Palawan’s rich marine life. There we met helpful local people, and took stunning pictures of the scenic and tranquil beaches on the island.

Travel Diary for Day 28-29:

As a kick start to this 2-day adventure trip (Day 28-29), we traveled back to Manila in the island of Luzon to get everything we needed for our stop over in Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines.
You might have heard of Baguio before, haven’t you? Also known as the “City of Pines”, it is more than just cool mountain air, breathtaking views, and rich cultural legacy.

As a famous tourist destination in the Cordillera Mountains of Northern Luzon, Baguio City is a mixture of beautiful cultures and a home to local crafts, historical parks and museums, and traditional Cordillera lifestyles. Surely, you’ll want to meet them in the eye.

The pleasant climate and verdant pine trees make Baguio an ideal getaway for local and foreign guests looking for an escape from the tropical heat of the bustling metro. It was for this same reason why American soldiers built a hill station in Baguio during Americans colonizátion in the Philippines in the early 1900s. They even considered it a home away from home. For these soldiers, the city’s cold weather relieved them from homesickness, because it reminded them of their snowy hometown.

Day 28: How do we get from Puerto Princesa to Manila by Plane?

20 March:

Today (Day 28), we ran late. So, we had to rush from our accommodation to the airport in Puerto Princesa to catch our flight to Manila. We requested our tricycle driver to take all possible shortcuts to avoid the busy early morning traffic in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. A tricycle is a Filipino-style motorcycle with a sidecar that transports passengers on short distances. We barely made it to our flight on time, but fortunately we did.

If you are flying from Manila to Puerto Princesa, Palawan or vice versa, you will reach your destination in approximately 1 hour.

NOTE : It is recommended to spare extra time for transfers when traveling in the Philippines, especially if you are a first-time visitor.

How do we Prepare for the Trip to Cordillera Mountains?

Back in Manila, we shopped for things we needed for our trip to the Cordillera mountains at the Mall of Asia in Pasay, Metro Manila. Cyberzone is a one-stop shop that sells all sorts of trendy electronic gadgets from authorized sellers. I (Dani) accompanied Zak in buying a new phone to control his drone.
You might be wondering if you can bring drones in the Philippines. As long as it is for commercial and recreational purposes, “Yes, you can”.

Since we were already in the Philippines’ largest shopping mall, we bought a few more things for our upcoming trip in Buscalan Village, in the mountains of Kalinga, Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). We grabbed some sweets and dried fruit snacks for pasalubong (a treat or souvenir given by someone who just returned from a trip to friends at home).

After shopping, we stopped by Marc’s place in Makati, Manila. It was nice to hang out with Marc and Stefan who migrated to the Philippines from Europe. For the meantime, we stored some of our equipment at his (Marc’s) place for safekeeping, while we were touring around different destinations in the Philippines. We need to use various kinds of gear for our adventure trips in the country. We realized that it is always good to have these top essentials when you travel in the Philippines, especially in the northern part.

Do you know that you have a lot of transportation options in Metro Manila? You won’t have a problem getting around the capital of the Philippines when you know where you are going.

How do we Get from Manila to Baguio City by Bus?

Late at night, we took off and got to the Victory Liner Bus Terminal in Pasay, Manila – from where we took a provincial bus to Baguio. We headed to Benguet Province. The bus trip from Manila to Baguio, Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), took around 8 hours depending on the traffic. We traveled more or less 243 kilometers, and reached Baguio City without feeling uncomfortable.

Do you want to know what made our trip convenient? Here’s the catch! We made the right decision in choosing a public bus transport that offers a deluxe seat, a bigger legroom space, and a bathroom on-board. If your budget allows you for a little upgrade, we recommend choosing this transport option for a more relaxed long-distance trip.

Check out our ultimate travel guide to the summer capital of the Philippines to know how to get there, when is the best time to visit, and which best places to see and stay.

NOTE : When traveling long distances with provincial buses, bring thick clothes and socks with you, because the aircon runs fully on during the trip. Bringing a blanket and pillow is also a good option for added comfort.

Google My Maps Baguio City Travel Adventures: Day 28-29

If planning a trip to Baguio City, check out the Google My Maps below to experience activities and adventures, and get to know different routes and directions, accommodations to stay, attractions to visit, and restaurants to dine in. Visit the Baguio City travel Google My Map to learn more about our Philippines Travel routes and adventures.

Day 29: How do we Explore the Tourist Spots in Baguio City?

21 March:

We arrived in Baguio early in the morning, and checked in Pucay Transient House , situated along Marcos Highway, Baguio City. It has a nice room with a small balcony, and a great bathroom with a hot and cold shower. The accommodation’s uphill location gives us an unhindered view of the beauty around. We planned to relax for a couple of hours. But, we were all in the mood to roam around. So, we decided to explore the city of Baguio in the Cordillera Mountains instead.

We started at Wright Park in J. Felipe Street, situated near The Mansion. It is where you can try on Baguio’s local and traditional costumes. The Igorots are the indigenous people of the Cordilleras, the mountain range in the north of Luzon. They can be seen in Baguio City, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, Abra, Apayao and Mountain Province.

Zak immediately got into one of the costumes because he couldn’t miss the opportunity to try it on. It was more of a poncho, or merely a cloth covering his private parts. His head was covered in a feathery sort of hat. We took some photos and had a lot of fun with the friendly locals. Besides this, there was not much to do in the park.

We continued to The Mansion in Romulo Drive, Benguet, Baguio. It is the President’s house during summer and holidays. Baguio is a popular destination for local guests, especially from Manila.

In summertime, the city offers a delightfully pleasant temperature – and there is no smog, unlike Manila. We had an interesting talk with one of the President’s security guards at The Mansion. The guy was very polite and chatty. It was such an enjoyable and interesting conversation. It felt like we were able to know more about the Philippine President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte, who was the president of the country during that time. This honorable man gained popularity because of his impressive infrastructure program in the Philippines.

Here you can find the list of national holidays in the Philippines 2021.

After a long walk, we reached Mines View Park with a stunning sight of the valley. The park is beautifully situated in the northern outskirts of Baguio City, specifically at Outlook Drive North. Unfortunately, the weather was not ideal for touring around. So, we decided to take a taxi back to our accommodation. Almost all types of transportation are available when you get around Baguio City. You can also choose to book a Grab taxi for a more cozy ride.

How do we Try Jollibee-Filipino Fast Food in Baguio City?

Unfortunately, all taxis were booked at that time. So, we looked for a shelter somewhere and ended up going to Jollibee. It is a Filipino fast-food chain similar to McDonald’s that sells burgers, chicken, sundae, and many others. It is typical to find Jollibee in most of the cities and towns in the Philippines.

The food was okay, and the restaurant’s customer service was excellent. Summing it up, our experience at Jollibee Filipino fast food restaurant was fun. On top of that, you will be amazed by the variety of places to eat and the best foods in Baguio.

It kept on raining, but we made our way back to the Transient House. It was a very long day, so we rested early.

NOTE : It is very noticeable that Filipinos are proud to work in Jollibee. Experiencing Jollibee’s food and service is a must-try when traveling to the Philippines.

What are the Best Accommodations in Baguio?

The crushing heat of Manila makes locals and foreigners look forward to the Baguio coolness. The breezy “City of Pines” is home to verdant forests, fresh fruit, and hilly landscapes. Here are some accommodations that you might want to include in your itinerary.

What is the average cost of backpackers hostels in Baguio?

Most backpacker hostels are situated just a few minutes away from Baguio's best tourist spots, such as Burnham Park and Mines View.

Also, these backpacker hostels in Baguio offer a shared kitchen and a free WiFi, with prices ranging from PHP 750 or USD 15 per night.

What is the price range of budget hotels in Baguio?

When in Baguio, you don’t have to worry about finding budget hotels. Relax in the beautiful lounge area and enjoy a cup of coffee in the on-site cafes. These are only some of the things that you can do during your stay in Baguio's budget hotels.

With proximity to Camp John Hay and Burnham Park sites, you might be thinking of the cost of stay in one of these hostels? Listen up! Prices usually start at PHP 1,250 or USD 25 per night. Amazing, right?

What is the price range of luxurious hotels in Baguio?

Aren’t you excited to live like royalty as you stay at Baguio's luxurious hotels? Delight in a sophisticated room and adore the sweeping view of the forest right from your window or terrace.
Prices range from PHP 2,250 to 3,500 or PHP USD 45 to USD 70 per night, with full-range facilities like the spa, a fitness center, and a bar.

How is the accommodation of Airbnb in Baguio?

Rent from the locals of Baguio City, and take a peek at their way of living. Whether you are traveling solo or with family or friends, staying in Airbnbs in Baguio gives you a more comfortable space. For as low as PHP 550 or USD 11 per night, you’ll get to relax in a more private space after a fun-filled day in the city.

What are the Top Things to do in Baguio?

Baguio City is one of the highly urbanized and most-visited cities on the island of Luzon. With its booming economy and around 345,000 inhabitants, urban planners have taken a cautious approach to build, rebuild, and develop the city’s layout. 

Visitors to Baguio Citycan expect marvelous sights as they visit the top destinations that pay homage to the past. Interested? Come and explore some of the top things to do in Baguio City:

Located along Halsema Highway in La Trinidad, Benguet, the Valley of Colors is a row of brightly-painted houses built on a slope in Barangay Balili. If you have an eye for art, it is a must-visit attraction in Baguio.

This project was inspired by paintings from Brazil's Favelas, portraying the colorful houses in the poor district. Surely, you wouldn't want to miss the gram-worthy photo opportunity with this massive piece of art.

Note: Since it is located on the main road going north to Sagada or Banaue, it is important to keep an eye out for passing cars to avoid accidents while taking shots of the colorful scenery.

Tree Top Adventure, in Loakan Road, Special Tourism Economic Zone, Camp John Hay Baguio, Cordillera Region, is ideal for groups of friends and family who wish to experience nature from a height of 30 meters. Do you find jungle pathways, suspension bridges, and a motorized canopy tour exciting? If so, give this adventure idea a go!

Apart from that, Camp John Hay is a one-stop-shop for dining, shopping, and having a picnic. Enjoy taking photos of nature's beauty.

BenCab Museum is an exhibit of Benedicto Cabrera’s stunning collection of artworks that show Benguet’s colorful history and culture.It is located in the town of Tuba, Benguet, Cordillera Region.

Benedicto Reyes Cabrera (popularly known as BenCab) is a National Artist for Visual Arts who now lives and works in Baguio City. Apart from the inspiring display of paintings and sculptures around, you can get the chance to meet the artist himself as BenCab regularly visits the museum. Strike a pose with him, or have a short chit chat.

If you're a solid fan of art, make sure to set aside at least half a day touring around this interesting museum. It also helps to read about BenCab to gain a more profound knowledge of his work.

Touring around top tourist destinations outside Baguio City is best done by renting a private car or motorbike, or riding a taxi, because other public vehicles rarely go here. But, this is only recommended if you know how to drive and have a driver’s license.

If you enjoy thrift shopping, Baguio is an ideal place for you.Thrift stores, garage sale, and flea market can give you best deals for slightly-used items and ukay-ukay at discounted prices. Ukay-ukay are second-hand shoes, bags, and clothes that are sold at a very reasonable cost. Here are some of the best Ukay-Ukay spots in Baguio, where balikbayans (returning Filipino citizens) buy winter clothing for work overseas.

Isn’t it rewarding to find something nice without breaking the bank? It helps to make a mental note of the things that you plan to buy on these thrift and ukay-ukay stores, so you won't waste time and money.

Because of the cold climate in Benguet Province (Cordillera Administrative Region), it is one of the largest sources of vegetables and fruits in the country.

Strawberries are sold in different varieties, such as ice cream, jam, and many more. Grab as much as you can and enjoy these fresh and flavorful delights. You can visit the Strawberry field in La Trinidad, Benguet– one of the top places to visit in Baguio.

Note: It is best to go around La Trinidad between September and December for strawberry picking.

Google My Maps Philippines Travel Diary: Day 1 to Day 51

Check out the Google Maps below, to have an overview of the entire 51 days of Philippines travel adventure including exciting attractions and activities we did, destinations we explored, and travel directions in the Philippines.

Why do we Create the Philippines Travel Guide?

Zak and Dani created the Philippines Travel Guide while on 51 days Philippines travel adventure in 2017. Focused on the idea to explore travel routes and documenting location information by using the Google Maps application in the Philippines.

We created a detailed Philippines travel diary each day about our Philippines eco-adventure traveling experiences, including the production of pictures and videos of our trip through the Philippine archipelago.

Philippines Travel Guide is passionate about helping other self-minded adventure travel lovers, to make the best out of the trip to the Philippines by providing real information that passionate travelers and enthusiasts need to know about the archipelago.

Philippines Travel Guide is an ongoing process to work out public shared and detailed Google MyMaps of the entire Philippines to provide easy navigation for travelers.

This website also contains a collection of interesting authentic insights and travel tips and tricks and destinations in the Philippines.

SUMMARY: Best Adventure Tours in Baguio City

Regardless of the massive amount of development that is currently taking place in Baguio, our short visit to the city remains to be one of the most dazzling experiences we had as travelers. Since we spent our Day 28 in Manila to buy the things we need for our Cordillera Mountain trip, our 1-day (Day 29) stop over in Baguio was very fulfilling.

We were able to wear the local people’s costumes during our visit to the Wright Park, and got to know more about the current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte through one of the friendly guards of The Mansion. We were even served with good food and amazed with a five-star rated customer service in a fast-food Filipino restaurant in Baguio.

We said goodbye to Baguio City and moved forward to our next destination to the famous Halsema Highway by a local bus. We were all excited to see the breathtaking scenery of Sagada.


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