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Philippines Travel Guide

Philippines Travel Guide seeks to share the vibe of an authentic experience through our idea of adventure travel for explorers and memory seekers in the Philippines.

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Who is Philippines Travel Guide


Philippines Travel Guide seeks to share the vibe of an authentic experience through our idea of adventure travel for explorers and memory seekers in the Philippines. We’re backpacking, adventure-chasing, story-telling humans who have a passion for experiencing the simple way of life and nature in a manner that is meaningful to the spirit of travel and respectful to the local culture.

We reconnect with authentic and real adventure. We avoid the typical and expect the unexpected.
Come adventure with us!

One Team One Spirit

Get real information and experiences from our Philippines Travel Trip diaries

Dani Britschgi, an Italian-blooded native of Switzerland, is an expert in organizing events and a veteran traveler throughout the Philippines for more than 15 years. This man’s incredible experiences in backpacking, motorbiking and exploring the Philippines ignited his interest in sharing his real insight and love of the country with other enthusiastic travelers, who desire to experience authentic adventure and Filipino culture.

Zak Henderson as SnapZak, an Australian native and pizza aficionado, is an international content creator committed to capturing the raw wonders of nature and the complex beauty of culture in each destination he finds. Not a friend of Photoshop, Zak’s eye for the extraordinary can be seen through his images and videos. Each picture tells an interesting story and authentic experience of his adventures.

Philippines Travel Guide Crew

Philippines Travel Guide works with experienced and trusted local partners and tour guides who are experts in the different Philippine adventure destinations and their infrastructure. Our local adventure guides speak conversational English and provide eco-adventure travelers with authentic experiences and familiarity with the Philippines’ culture and traditions.

The local crew ensures responsibility and safety for future adventure travelers while providing strong connections with local people in the area. In case of emergencies occurring in lesser populated adventure destinations, the delivery of fast help is guaranteed. 

Our Mission and Vision


As an Eco-Adventure travel pioneer in the Philippines, it is our Mission to provide adventure seekers and sustainable travelers with individual, flexible, and covid-conform adventure services and facilities. We reinvent the adventure tourism sector of the Philippines by introducing new trends and innovations, bringing future sustainable travelers closer to nature and hospitable local people.

Our vision is to promote love and passion for the environment among local and foreign tourists as they explore Eco-Adventure locations in the Philippines. As a leader in sustainable tourism in the country, we support local communities by creating employment opportunities and preserving the uniqueness of Philippine culture and nature. Through international promotion and effort of eco and adventure services in the Philippines, we will be able to gain support from private and public tourism organizations and develop sustainable eco-adventure tourism and employment in the Philippines’ future.

Why we do This Website

By 2017, we (Zak and Dani) went on a 51-days travel adventure through the Philippines archipelago. Inspired to share all the information and routes to travelers all over the world and support and promote adventure travel in the Philippines, the website philippinestravelguides.com was born.

The contents of this website are worked out in detail, over the past years. The images, videos, and information are outcomes of the team’s passion, efforts, and real encounters with the Philippines’ beautiful adventure destinations and culture.

Sharing our travel experiences over the past decade knowledge, Philippinestravelguides.com includes real and essential information about traveling in the Philippines such as travel destinations, travel maps, apps, and tips and tricks that adventure seekers should know.