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Philippines Travel Guide

Philippines Travel Guide seeks to share the vibe of an authentic experience through our idea of adventure travel for explorers and memory seekers in the Philippines.

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Hundred Islands National Park Adventure Tours

We spent 51 days on a planned and organized Philippines Travel tour adventure in 2017. We created the Philippines Travel Guide website to give travelers authentic insights about this archipelagic country in Southeast Asia, comprising almost 7,600 islands divided into three major island groups — Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Two days ago (Day 35-36), we had an arranged trip to the lighthouse, beach, parks, and Provincial Capitol of Pangasinan. We were accommodated in the best hotels in the province and pampered with impressive customer service and delectable food. We were treated with a flavorsome lunch in a floating bamboo raft too. 

Travel Diary for Day 37-38:

For this 2-day (Day 37-38) journey, we went out to see the unspoiled beauty of the Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan in the region of Ilocos. The first stop was Hundred Islands National Park, which boasts more than 100 islands that are perfect for island hopping.

Aside from island hopping, there are a lot of activities that you can do on this incredible natural site which is believed to be around two million years old.   You may snorkel on its beautiful beaches, and take pictures of nature’s beauty around you.

Day 37: How do we get from Bolinao to the Hundred Islands?

29 March:

Early morning (Day 37), we took a 40-minute tricycle ride from Bolinao to Alaminos, and met Jay. He is the owner of the Philippines Adventure Consultants (PAC) who invited us on an island-hopping trip to the Hundred Islands National Park. The tour was inclusive of meals and all the fun-filled activities to do in the park.

How do we Explore the Hundred Islands on an Island Hopping Trip?

We boarded on a private banca with two boat crew, and rowed straight to the Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos, Pampanga (Ilocos Region). Though it was windy in the morning, it calmed down a bit at noon. But, the water was really rough.

We fought our way around the small islands,however, it got too dangerous to continue because of the high waves. So we decided to stop before it got any worse. Traveling by boat or banca in the Philippines is very common for inter-island short distance and island hopping trips.

As the intense wind calmed down, we went on a short trip to all the different islands in the Hundred Islands, and stopped at the two famous snorkeling spots. We had a good lunch at Quezon Island , the most visited island in the Alaminos.

The Philippines Adventure Consultants (PAC) offered us a banana boat ride. We couldn’t miss such an enjoyable activity like this. So, we took advantage of it, and filmed a quick video of our experience. Next, we went to another spot where we had helmet diving for the first time. It seemed that we were in those old movies, wearing a big helmet with a connecting air hose as we walked on the ocean bed.

We also fed the fish, but it got completely out of control. Fish of all colors and variations started biting into anything they could find, including our fingers, hands, and even arms. Though it didn’t hurt, it still felt quite strange.

Before the day ended, we went to the viewpoint on Governor Island , still in Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos Pangasinan to watch the stunning sunset in front of the group of islands. Zak took the drone out to capture the view.

It is good to know the best places to visit in the Hundred Islands.

How do we get Back from the Hundred Islands to Alaminos?

When we got back from the Hundred Islands to Alaminos by a private banca, Jay took us out for a round of San Miguel Beer, the Philippines’ local beer. We talked about the things he had been doing in the country over the past years. He traveled to the country a lot, and supported many development projects in the isolated areas since then.

Working with the Tourism Authority of Pangasinan was a great experience. They arranged everything for us during our trip to Alaminos. They provided us with two comfortable rooms at the convention center too.

It is easy to find different accommodations in the top destinations in the Philippines. The country has many beautiful places – perfect for all types of travelers.

Why do Tourists visit Hundred Islands in Alaminos?

And the best part? You’ll be thrilled to know that 3 out of the 124 islands in Alaminos have been developed as tourist destinations. Go on zip lines and other water activities, and dine in the different restaurants and stands in the area. Isn’t it fantastic to know that there are many things to do at the Hundred Islands? In fact, you can have an overnight stay on some of the islands too.

Now, you’re probably wondering why it is famous for local and foreign tourists. Wonderfully spreading across the blue-green seas of the Lingayen Gulf in Pangasinan, the Hundred Islands take pride in its abundant underwater flora and fauna, fine cream-colored sand, and friendly local islanders.

Google My Maps Hundred Islands Travel Adventures: Day 37-38

If planning a trip to Hundred Island, check out the Google My Maps below to experience the activities and adventures, and get to know different routes and directions, accommodations to stay, attractions to visit, and restaurants to dine in. Visit the Hundred Island travel Google My Map to learn more about our Philippines travel routes and adventures.

What are the Best Accommodations in Hundred Islands?

Still not convinced? Here’s a kicker! Many tourists flock to the Hundred Islands because of many good reasons. As a result of the influx of tourist visits in the area, you’ll see many accommodation facilities providing comfort and excellent stay in Alaminos. You can choose to stay in backpacker hostels, budget houses, or Airbnbs, all depending on your liking, preferences, and needs. Sounds good, right?

What is the price range of backpacker hostels in Hundred Islands?

If you are traveling to the islands in a large group, and want to stay in the area for just a night, backpacker hostels and guesthouses are the types of accommodation in the National Park that you can take advantage of. But since there are no restaurants or eateries nearby, make sure to bring enough food and drinks for everybody.

Accommodating the entire group, these backpacker hostels can cost you PHP 5,000 or USD 100 per night.

What are the budget hotels near Hundred Islands, Alaminos?

You might have heard that more and more travelers camp and stay in the Hundred Islands for a night. But, there are those traveling with kids too. That being said, it is ideal to have a day trip to the islands and go back to Alaminos for some budget hotels.

A stay in one of these budget hotels can be around PHP 1,300 or USD 26 per night. But, the price may vary depending on the size of the room and inclusions you plan to get

Is Airbnb accommodation available in Hundred Islands?

Unfortunately, you won’t see any Airbnb in the Hundred Islands. But in Alaminos, you can book a private space to rest after an adventure-filled day on the islands. Transient houses are one of the many Airbnbs in Alaminos that you can grab at PHP 950 or USD 19 per day.

What are the Top Things to do in Hundred Islands?

Isn’t it exciting to know that you can do many amazing things when in Pangasinan? Visiting the Hundred Islands is one of them. If you are up for an adventure, this is a must-see location. Here are some of the activities you can include in your travel itinerary in Hundred Islands.

A full-day island hopping tour in the Hundred Islands will show you Pangasinan's hidden gems. If you love the beach, then beach-hopping is one of the top things to do in Hundred Islands.

Put on your life jacket, and get on board to begin your island-hopping adventure to the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan.

The Diocese of Alaminos recently built a 17-meter statue of Christ the Savior in the Pilgrimage Island, making it the the newest Pilgrimage Site in the Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos. Setting it apart from the rest of the islands, you can climb up the around 263 steps to reach the statue, and get a perfect view of the neighboring islands.

Pilgrimage Island (formerly Martha Island) has the highest peak of all the islands and islets in the Hundred Islands, making it the most suitable location for this enormous statue.

Here’s another thing. Make sure that you are using the right equipment when snorkeling in Hundred Islands. During island hopping, it is recommended to bring your own equipment for a safe and comfortable snorkeling experience. But, there’s nothing to worry about if you don’t have one because you can rent equipment for the entire day. The Hundred Islands’ cool and clear water gives you the best opportunity to see various beautiful fish. Amazing, isn’t it?
Do you know that you can also ride a jet ski in Hundred Islands National Park? Top up the adventure by adding banana boating and parasailing to your travel plans.

Day 38: How do we Visit Paitan East Children’s Home Sual, Alaminos?

30 March:

Today (Day 38), we got a little more sleep than usual. We got a call from Amanda, the current manager of the Paitan East Children’s Home, an orphanage in Barangay Sual, Pangasinan. As the smallest unit of community, a barangay is made up of families or households. For today’s travel itinerary, we planned to visit the children’s home.

This orphanage was founded by Mike, a resident of Canada who visited the Philippines ten years ago. During his trip to El Nido, he fell in love with the country and its people. He was a great person who put everything into this children’s home. It is for this reason why I (Dani) have great respect for this man.

Mike and I (Dani) became good friends after bumping into each other at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, Philippines 10 years ago. There are 4 terminals located in different areas in Metro Manila.

If you’re flying to the Philippines, visit Manila International Airport NAIA Travel Guide to know about the arrival process, the inter-terminals transfer guide, and transportation options to or from NAIA to other destinations in Metro Manila.

During my last visit in 2013, the orphanage was still under construction. Unfortunately, it was also the last time that I saw Mike, because he died in a tragic accident in the Philippines in 2014.

After Mike’s death, Amanda did everything she could to get all the paperwork sorted, complete the approval process, and operate the orphanage officially. She also kept on getting more support for the children in Sual through partnerships with private and public organizations.

That day (Day 38), Amanda took us to the orphanage. There were no children at the shelter at that time. But, she hopes to provide care and shelter to plenty of orphans in the future. She toured us around the children’s home and showed its current infrastructure, which was impressive.

But, she is way far from the goal. This is why we want to support the project by getting people involved in the advocacy that Mike stated some years ago. As much as Amanda and Mike do, we also want to provide the children of tomorrow the opportunity to live a better life in the future.

How do we get from Alaminos to Manila by Public Bus?

Late that night (Day 38), we took the public bus back to Manila to catch the last flight to Tacloban in Eastern Visayas area, Philippines. Traveling around by bus in the Philippines is the cheapest and most popular mode of land public transportation in the country. 

Philippine buses are classified into city and provincial buses. As the name suggests, city buses transport passengers around the city, while provincial buses travel through major provinces across the country. 

Google My Maps Philippines Travel Diary: Day 1 to Day 51

Check out the Google Maps below, to have an overview of the entire 51 days of Philippines travel adventure including exciting attractions and activities we did, destinations we explored, and travel directions in the Philippines.

Why do we Create the Philippines Travel Guide?

Zak and Dani created the Philippines Travel Guide while on 51 days Philippines travel adventure in 2017. Focused on the idea to explore travel routes and documenting location information by using the Google Maps application in the Philippines.

We created a detailed Philippines travel diary each day about our Philippines eco-adventure traveling experiences, including the production of pictures and videos of our trip through the Philippine archipelago.

Philippines Travel Guide is passionate about helping other self-minded adventure travel lovers, to make the best out of the trip to the Philippines by providing real information that passionate travelers and enthusiasts need to know about the archipelago.

Philippines Travel Guide is an ongoing process to work out public shared and detailed Google MyMaps of the entire Philippines to provide easy navigation for travelers.

This website also contains a collection of interesting authentic insights and travel tips and tricks and destinations in the Philippines.

SUMMARY: Pangasinan Adventure Tours

The Tourism Authority of Pangasinan did an impressive job in arranging our 2-day trip (Day 37-38) to the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan. We had a fun and time-worthy adventure in Hundred Islands National Park where we had island hopping, snorkeling, banana boat riding, and helmet diving.

We watched the sunset and took pictures of the amazing panorama at the viewpoint on Governor Island. We also visited Paitan East Children’s Home, an orphanage in the Philippines which was built by an old friend back in 2013.

The places we visited and the people we met made the experience in Alaminos more unforgettable. To get to know more about the country, visit the top 10 quick facts about the Philippines.

We completed our Hundred Islands trip, and went back to the bustling Manila, the capital city of the Philippines (Day 39) to get some tasks done.  We will continue our Philippine adventure by heading on to other equally wonderful destinations in the succeeding days (Day 42-47).


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