Negros Navigation 2Go Travel 2013 Schedule Promo Value Tickets for Iloilo City to Ozamiz City

January 6, 2013

Negros Navigation 2Go Travel 2013 Schedule Promo Value Tickets for Iloilo City to Ozamiz City

Negros Navigation, one of the largest shipping companies in the Philippines, is now part of the 2Go Travel along with Superferry, Cebu Ferries and Supercat.

If you want to purchase a passenger ticket online for Iloilo City to Ozamiz City with Negros Navigation, you might be surprised as to why there is no longer a distinct and separate Negros Navigation website where you can book, reserve and buy tickets online. This is because Negros Navigation is now being owned and operated by 2Go Group, Inc. under the rebranding name of 2Go Travel.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you can no longer purchase a passenger ticket online for a Negros Navigation ocean vessel / ship for your travel from Iloilo City to Ozamiz City. Yes, you can still do so and even avail of Negros Navigation’s latest 2013 promos, discounts and packages!

You can purchase a Negros Navigation ticket online for Iloilo City to Ozamiz City at 2Go Travel’s website. Below are some travel details such as cheap tickets, room accommodation, value ticket, class accommodation, destination, ticket fare prices, economy ticket fare rates, regular schedule, time of departure, time of arrival, and vessel for a Iloilo City to Ozamiz City Negros Navigation ticket:

Destination: Iloilo City to Ozamiz City City

Negros Navigation 2Go Travel Vessel:  St. Joseph the Worker 1

Regular Schedule: Departs from Port San Pedro on Thursday at 02:30 A.M. and arrives at 04:00 P.M. Thursday, Ozamiz Pier


Airline Seater – Php 774.00

Mega Value Class – Php 908.00

Super Value Class – Php 908.00

Cabin for 2 – Php 4,210.00

Stateroom for 1 – Php 2,281.55

These net fare rates are for 1 adult + 0 child exclusive of the 12% Value Added Tax (VAT).

A complete fare breakdown sample for the cheapest online ticket is as follows:

Fare Breakdown

Net Fare         774.00

Security Fee 30.00

Terminal Fee            0.00

Fuel Surcharge        60.00

Insurance      20.00

Meal Fee       0.00

Linen Fee      30.00

Web Admin Fee       156.25

Vatable Amount       1,070.25

VAT 12%       128.43

Total Amount          Php 1,198.68

*Number of meals are included with ticket purchase but varies according to schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicable Negros Navigation 2Go Travel 2013 discounts will still be applied on the Total Amount indicated above. The following are the applicable government-mandated discounts:

• Student discount 15% off on base rates applicable on economy and tourist only • Senior citizen 20% off on promo rates • Disabled citizen 20% off on base rates • Child discount 50% off on base rates • Third infant 75% off on base rates

Fare rates / prices and schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

NOTE FROM WEB ADMIN: We reiterate that Superferry, Negros Navigation, Cebu Ferries and Supercat are now under 2Go Group, Inc..Consequently, these well-known brands are soon to be a thing of the past as ATS Consolidated has unveiled its new corporate rebranding, 2GO Travel.

Nevertheless, for purposes of catering to those who are still super loyal passengers of Superferry, Negros Navigation, Cebu Ferries and Supercat, our website administrators and friends have agreed and opted to post articles based on the ocean vessel and to which it was formerly known to be. Example: If the ocean vessel plying a specific destination under such regular schedule is The Saint Micheal the Archangel, which is formerly a Negros Navigation vessel, we labelled the article as a Negros Navigation 2Go Travel article. Meanwhile, if the vessel is Saint Thomas Aquinas, which is formerly a Superferry vessel, we categorized the article as a Superferry 2Go Travel article. Soon, all articles related to Superferry, Negros Navigation, Cebu Ferries and Supercat would be under the 2Go Travel category.

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Negros Navigation fare rates for Iloilo City to Ozamiz City, Negros Navigation regular schedule for Iloilo City to Ozamiz City.

 Disclaimer: This website is not in any way connected with Negros Navigation 2Go Travel but merely to help out as a schedule and fare guide to friends and relatives. Please visit their website for more information and details. If you have comments or inquiries please write them on the comment boxes provided below.

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